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   Company "Specstroyexpluatacia" has been founded in 1998 as the federal state unitary enterprise and in 2003 it is transformed to joint-stock company with a share holding completely being in the federal property. Possibility to embody owns investment projects became the reason of the given transformation. And participation in the target program of Federal Agency of federal property management as well.

   Within the limits of performance of Federal Agency program, the company carries out a complex of actions for involving of not used, inefficient, emergency buildings, not completed objects, the empty grounds which are in the property of the state, in process of rational technical and commercial decisions to improve a condition and increase liquidity of objects earlier not bringing any profit to the state.

   Company "Specstroyexpluatacia" spends building engineering and marketing researches, defines the address list of property and ground complexes of the objects which are subject to inclusion in the target program of an innovation of objects. Develops the concept of development of the ground areas, defines a functional purpose of new building, its basic space-planning decisions. Develops and prepares the predesign, initially-allowing and design documentation. Spends the coordination, examination and the statement of the design-budget documentation. Builds and places the project in operation.

   Within the precincts of the company programs on working out of town-planning problems and the decision of perspective problems of development are carried out. Open Society "Specstroyexpluatacia" is organizing, coordinating and is the customer-builder on objects of preschool institutions, children's recreation camps, objects of an available housing liquidated federal state unitary enterprises and the objects of the real estate which are in an operational administration of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and of some other objects.