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   Company "Specstroyexpluatacia" is licensed and has the right to various kinds of professional work, realization of technological and building engineering.

    Some of main activities according to the Joint-stock company Charter:
  • operation of available housing and uninhabited premises;
  • operation of engineering infrastructures of cities and other settlements;
  • building and reconstruction, modernization, major and operating repair of buildings and constructions, realization of functions of the customer, general contractor;
  • performance of civil and erection works;
  • fulfillment of transactions with commercial and industrial real estate;
  • performance of innovative, investment and financial activity, including operations with all kinds of securities;
  • a technical estimation of objects of the real estate for major repairs, reconstruction or buildings and the analysis of real possibilities of performance of these works taking into account technical conditions, appointments of a site, allowed altitude of building, a building zone, etc.